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Production Workshop and Project
First-class solar panel warranty Reliable quality
1.10 years material & technology guarantee
2. 25 years linear power output guarantee
3. 100% Double full EL inspection
4. 0-+5W Positive power output guarantee
Product Characteristics

1. Excellent PID free performance.
DAH Solarí»s DHM60 cells Series solar panel is PID Free module under the condition of 85íŠ/ 85% RH.It can be used for all applications, including Civil and commercial solar power systems.
2. Certified anti Salt-mist,anti ammonia corrosion performance, sand and storm test by TUV Rheinland and TUV Nord.
3. Excellent mechanical performance with 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load.
4. Outstanding weak light generating performance with good quality solar panels morning,nightfall,cloudy & rainy day).
5. Anti-reflective glass not only increase light absorption,but also reduce the power loss by solar panels its self cleaning function under rainy environment.

Our manufacturing plant have 6 advanced production lines, 35 engineers and 400 workers.


Lean Production, Golden Quality Assurance.

DAH Solar put quality first always. 100% automatic production line with international standards and excellent system of quality control system to ensure the quality of manufactured products perfect.