Our Company/Video Products Production Workshop and Project
Half Cell Solar Module (9BB)
PERC Solar Module (5BB)
Photos of Modules
Inverter (brand: SAJ)
Inverter (brand: Growatt)
Photos of Inverter (Growatt)
On Grid Solar Home System
Off Grid Solar Home System
Photoes of Modules Back
DHM60 270-310W-01
DHM60 270-310W-02
DHM60 270-310W-03
DHM60 270-310W-04
DHM60 270-310W-05
DHM72 320-365W-01
DHM72 320-365W-02
DHM72 320-365W-03
DHM72 320-365W-04
DHM72 320-365W-05
DHP60 295-310W-01
DHP60 260-295W-02
DHP60 260-295W-03
DHP60 260-295W-04
DHP60 260-295W-05
DHP72 315-350-08
DHP72 315-350-09
DHP72 315-350-10
DHP72 315-350-11